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ICW Consulting Group is a team of consultants who work with clients to strengthen diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace cultures where all are engaged, complex identities are respected, and unique contributions are sought out and valued.

What We Do...

Organization Culture Alignment

Through strategic assessment and intervention, we’ll support you in fostering an organization-wide culture that is aligned and meets the needs of your team.

Executive Leadership Development

Through skill-focused coaching, leader and team dialogues, and professional transition support, ICW equips leaders with tools and practices needed to better serve their team and organization.

Team Building

Through peer coaching, intergroup mediation, and team-wide programming, we’ll increase team engagement and improve intergroup dynamics.

What Sets Us Apart

ICW’s work is always:

  • Client-centered,
  • Relationship-driven
  • Research-based.


At ICW, we understand fostering successful organizations and workplace cultures requires multifaceted, multilevel methods. Therefore, regardless of which level we are invited into (individual, interpersonal, institutional, etc), we center systems-level culture shifts and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) approaches in our interventions and offerings.


Our work is also uniquely informed by three core research-based models: Appreciative Inquiry, The Coordinated Management of Meaning, and Power and Systems.

Relationships, at all levels, are central to the effectiveness of any organization. When people have strong relationships at work, they are more motivated to contribute and are committed to continuous learning and development. Ilene Wasserman, Founder ICW Consulting

Past Clients...

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