Team Offerings

Team Offerings

Each business, organization, and community group may understand teams differently. For some, a team may include their entire staff, while larger organizations may break teams up by project or department. No matter your definition, ICW can collaborate with your team to streamline its processes, facilitate conflict resolution, and strengthen its intragroup relationships, thereby increasing its capacity and success. Each of the following services can be offered organization-wide or to specific teams and are customized based on the needs and interests of your team. Additionally, they can be offered in-person or online/hybrid.

Team Dialogues

Effective team communication is paramount to organizational health and impact. ICW’s specialized team dialogue approach is designed to unlock the full potential of your workforce. By creating a platform where diverse voices can freely express themselves, we catalyze innovation, drive collaboration, and foster a culture of mutual understanding. Our expert facilitators guide teams through structured dialogues, ensuring that every member is engaged and empowered to contribute their unique insights. Through this process, we not only enhance problem-solving capabilities but also cultivate strong, cohesive teams capable of achieving extraordinary results and sustainable success.

Team Building & Group Development

Sometimes there isn’t a clear team conflict or need, but the team may still benefit from further development and relationship-building. Building rapport and furthering group development before a conflict occurs is a proactive way to ensure teams can navigate issues as they arise and set them up for long-term success. Using assessments, protocols, and our strengths-based systems literacy approach, we help teams build capacity and foster relationships by looking at current patterns and supporting the shift toward healthier forms of engagement.

"Ilene has the rare but critical gift of being able to help others understand the deeper and thus more critical ideas regarding an issue. She uses that understanding to facilitate dialogue and thus solutions. Best of all, when you work with Ilene, she makes it fun, lively and highly engaging." —Ivy Silver, Client

Retreat Facilitation

ICW also facilitates off-site retreats (most often for senior managers and corporate/community boards). These interactive and energizing retreats focus on strategy, clarifying organizational vision and mission, re-connecting relationships around common goals, and working with conflict. Retreats may be held off-site, on-site, or online.

"Ilene was responsive and willing to take a large workshop and condense it for our organizational needs. She dedicated her time to getting to know our organization to make the short workshop relatable to our employees." --- Delaware Valley Community Health

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