Mission and History

ICW and its team of consultants support organizations as they build diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace cultures where all are engaged, complex identities are respected, and unique contributions are valued. 

Founded in 1998 by Ilene Wasserman Ph.D, ICW Consulting Group is an affiliation of experts and thought leaders in the field of organization development, leadership, team development, DEIB, and strategic processes. We work with individuals, teams, businesses, and institutions to assess, re-align, and strengthen the systems, processes, and relationships inherent to organizational culture and success, and bring together the best subset of our team based on your unique needs and interests.

When you work with ICW, you are collaborating with leaders in organizational development to leverage the diverse skills and experiences already present within your team. Through our work together, your team members will feel more supported and invested in their work, and your organization will be better equipped to address new challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Our Pillars of Approach


Our relationship with and service to our clients is our top priority. We acknowledge each client’s needs, realities, and projects are unique. Therefore, we collaborate with each client to assess and build off of their strengths and assets, even as we note their growing edges, clarify their goals, and develop the roadmaps they need to achieve their vision.


We view organizational challenges as opportunities to  strengthen relationships among team members and center the diverse stories, experiences, and understandings each person brings to the table. We believe making room for each other’s stories is essential to effective workplace strategy and honest, courageous workplace communication.

Rooted in Research & Practice

Our work is rooted in observation, experience, research, and practice. Not only do we model the very methods we offer, but ICW consultants are also active in the fields of Organizational Development and DEIB. Our team consistently engages in innovative research, publication, and presenting our work to other professionals in the field.

Systems-Level Intervention

Behaviors and practices are typically embedded in organizational structures and group dynamics. Therefore, we take a systems perspective in all of our work. Regardless of the level we are invited into (individual, interpersonal, institutional, etc), we view the culture of an organization as an ever-emerging story and center systems-level culture shifts in our interventions and offerings.

Our Guiding Principles


Focus on Collaboration – Working with clients to activate their imagination, leverage their existing strengths, and identify what they aim to achieve.


Communicate the Organization’s Culture – Assessing each client’s current culture, noting the explicit and implicit cues that maintain that culture, and exploring new ways to create and express the hoped for cultural changes.



Honor What Exists – Acknowledging what is working within the organization and inviting clients to build on those successes in new and creative ways.


Leverage Diversity – Encouraging clients to develop a culture that views authentic diversity as  core to doing good work and unleashing a team’s creativity.


Re-Imagine  Possibilities – Inviting all stakeholders within and outside the organization to re-imagine the future and determine how to get there.


Customize Action Strategies – Co-creating an approach with the client and outlining the concrete steps needed to achieve the new vision.

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