Organizations and Communities

Organizations and Communities

Our consultants support organizations and communities as they articulate their mission, vision, and goals and gain clarity on where they are and where they want to be.

Organizational Culture Assessment,
Development, and Strategic Planning

To know where we want to be, we must understand where we are. The time and capacity needed to invest in reflection and evaluation can often feel daunting to organizations. Therefore, ICW collaborates with clients to offer third-party cultural assessments, organizational development frameworks, practice/policy integration, and strategic visioning/planning and customizes these processes based on the client’s needs and goals.

Using a system-wide approach, we involve key stakeholders, leadership, and cross-level team members to identify the current strengths in the organization in context with what the organization wants to achieve. ICW then helps to outline and prioritize the necessary steps needed to move quickly and productively toward the aspired vision and goals.

"Over the years, Ilene and I have worked together as consultants on organization diagnosis and team development projects. She brings her insights and skills to bear on many challenges teams and its members face and I am continually impressed with how she partners with others to create synergy in the accomplishment of goals. I recommend Ilene highly for any project where results matter as much as the journey." —Andrea Zintz, President, Strategic Leadership Resources LLC

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Strategy and Intervention

At ICW, we collaborate with our clients to co-create cultures that value and make intentional space for different voices, perspectives, and experiences. We each hold a wide and unique set of identity markers that impact how we show up in our personal and professional spaces. Such differences may include cultural or ethnic background; class background; gender identity; sexual orientation; professional vantage point; and an intersecting combination of these identities.

Our team consists of experienced DEIB consultants who understand that creating a culture of DEIB requires a multifaceted approach that includes educating leaders, developing policies and practices, and engaging employees. Additionally, our DEIB interventions are customized based on the challenges and goals our clients face and are always grounded in decades of experience, feedback, research-based tools, and reality-tested frameworks.

ICW helps organizations leverage the opportunities diversity provides thereby improving employee experience and increasing employee retention, production, and success. We offer a range of services to support organizations on their DEIB journey, including:

  • DEIB assessments to help clients understand their organization’s current state and identify areas for improvement
  • DEIB strategy development to co-create a roadmap for building a more inclusive workplace
  • DEIB strategic dialogues for leaders and teams to build awareness, knowledge, and skills related to DEIB through real time conversations
  • Coaching and mentoring for leaders to develop their DEIB leadership skills (see Individual Coaching Services for more details)
  • Employee engagement programs to foster a sense of belonging and promote teamwork

"Ilene is a highly skilled and sensitive mentor, educator, and coach; she is a person of integrity who brings deep knowledge and wisdom to the critical business of creating inclusive social systems." —Barry Oshry, President, Power & Systems, Inc. worked directly with Ilene at Institute for Inclusion

Seeing Systems

Through our specialized, whole-systems approach—inspired by the pioneering insights of Barry Oshry—we empower individuals across all levels of the organization to recognize the intricate dynamics that exist within their teams and the broader organizational ecosystem. By fostering this systemic awareness, team members gain clarity on their roles in advancing the organization’s mission, thereby enhancing cohesion and alignment. Our customizable curriculum not only promotes a deeper understanding of systemic complexities but also cultivates a culture of collaboration and mutual support.

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