Andrew Cohn

Andrew CohnAndrew Cohn, an Associate with ICW Consulting Group has worked as a consultant, facilitator, coach and attorney for businesses and individuals to improve business results and culture, while enhancing individual performance and satisfaction.

As a specialist in issues of diversity and cross-cultural relationships, Andrew enables his clients to view diversity issues as central to effective teamwork and bottom-line success. He has designed and conducted diversity trainings and dialogues, as well as sexual harassment prevention education programs for clients in a variety of industries. In addition, he has facilitated discussions among work teams concerning a broad array of employment issues, including the impact of gender issues in the workplace, both in terms of productivity and compliance/liability.

Andrew has worked with senior and mid-level leaders on topics such as team leadership, performance management, interpersonal effectiveness, diversity and women’s leadership, conflict resolution, and work/life balance. He emphasizes self-awareness, and relational communication as foundational to personal development and improved effectiveness.

Andrew practiced law for seven years in prior to founding his organizational consulting firm in 1997. In addition to his Juris Doctorate he has a Masters Degree in Applied/Spiritual Psychology and a Bachelors Degree in International Relations. He lives in the Philadelphia area with his family.

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